New Season for the Cheerleaders

Natalie McGarry, Fun Coordinator

Back on the mat.

As the new year starts, so does cheer season.

This season has had many changes, especially with being able to even start the season, unlike most sports. With all the different changes, it’s harder for the team to connect like how they used to. This season will definitely be a year to remember, with the good, and the bad.

There have been quite a few changes for the upcoming season to be able to continue. At practice, the team has to have their temperatures taken regularly and always wear a mask and sanitize wherever they are. At home, they also have to fill out wellness forms before they go to practice. 

Being able to have the season has depended on the number of COVID-19 cases and with those number complications were brought with it. “The biggest obstacle is: cheerleading is a really long season, and this year we’ve had to stop multiple times. It’s hard to get into rhythm,” head coach Crystal Barr said. Finally, competitions are beginning to start soon, and if everything goes well, they will be able to compete. 

While practices have been going on since late fall, the team hasn’t been able to get as close, like they could in previous years. “This year, it’s definitely the hardest for the freshman and seniors to bond,” senior Maggie Green said. 

The team has tried to bond and build relationships, even with the complications. “The seniors have really stepped up with everything and just really tried to keep a good environment for the season,” Barr said. Nevertheless, the team has pushed through, and are preparing to start competitions soon. 

Even though there have been ups and downs, they are trying to stay positive, and still enjoy their season. “This year, we’ve just learned that we need to cherish each moment, and practice like it’s your last, because it might be,” Green said. 

The cheerleaders, seniors especially, have tried to remember the end goal, and stay motivated no matter the complications through the way. “We all know the end goal is nationals, so we’re all trying to hope for it,” senior Makayla McMichael said. 

Nationals might happen virtually, but no matter what happens with it, it’s what the team’s working for. “Us being able to come together and have fun together has helped us just keep in mind the end goal,” senior Olivia Proctor said. The team has been working hard with the thought of nationals in their head, and they plan on keeping the work ethic the same no matter what else happens.