Big Night on Egan Field

Kylie Huber, Staff Writer

Chargers do it again.

Egan Field was the place to be last Friday, Sept. 24. With College Game Day happening for the Red Zone, Homecoming and the Chargers taking another win against Meade Country, it was an exciting night. 

The Chargers had an expected slow start to the game with Meade being ahead 6-0 at the half. “We told our players all week long that we would have to be patient. Meade County was going to try to take away the big, explosive plays from us. We knew we would have to sustain drives and not make mental errors,” Receivers Coach Tyler Faucett said. 

After the half, the Chargers were able to come out with a quick start and take the game back. Some big plays were made by Junior Mason Gauthier. “At halftime we were all on the same page and the o-line went to work. My trench hogs opened up the holes and I just had to follow them,” Gauthier said. 

Once the Chargers figured it out at the half, they took the game from there. The final score was 33-6. The team is already looking into this week. 

“We will prepare for Danville the same way we prepare for everyone. We are going to do everything we can to get better each day through the week and put the best team we can on the field on Friday. Danville has a good team and we need to have a great week of practice,” Faucett said. 

The Chargers’ next game will be Oct. 1, at 7:30 p.m. at Danville.