Finishing Off the Season


The winterguard team gives it their all at their last competition. Their season ended on March 19. “The season didn’t go how we thought it would but I’m grateful we could have a season at all,” junior winterguard member Skylar Braden said.

Natalie McGarry, Magazine Editor

Making the last time count. 

The winterguard team finished their season with their last competition on March 19. 

As the season comes to a close with their last competition, the winterguard team is ready to finish off strong. They had high hopes for their last competition since this season didn’t go as they planned. The team is preparing for next year and excited for another exciting season.

Since it was their last competition, the guard was ready for their last performance. “A last performance is always fun but scary to do because you want to do the best you can but you also don’t want to stress yourself out about it,” junior winterguard member Kendall McGarry said. For this competition they traveled to Floyd Central High School to perform which was the last place they performed the last time they had a season before it was cut off. “It was very nostalgic. It kind of fits for us to end the season at the same place we ended our last one at, I think it was a good place to end,” junior winterguard member Skylar Braden said. The competition didn’t go the way they planned for this last run, but they did their best to make the most of it. 

The team ended up placing sixth in their class at the competition. “I was definitely thinking we would place higher before we went on and it was disappointing when that didn’t happen,” Braden said. Placing low in their last competition was hard on the team. “We really wanted to end with a good placement but we did all we could,” McGarry said. Other members shared these hopes and are trying to use this disappointing placement as motivation for the next season.

It will be a while until another winterguard season starts but it gives the team more time to prepare for it. “I’m very excited for next season and seeing what we have planned,” Braden said. The team plans to start working for the next season now so they’re fully prepared when the time comes. “Although this season didn’t go the way we planned, it showed us what we need to do for the next season to be where we want to be,” McGarry said. The team plans to take this team before the next season starts and get ready for a good team and a good season.