The SLAM Club Spreads Positivity Through Potty Post-Its


SLAM members sophomore Maggie Green, Addison Pruitt and Morgan Zirnheld spread positive notes around the bathrooms to initiate random acts of kindness.

Olivia Coke and T.C. Etherton

Random acts of kindness go a long way.

The SLAM (Student leadership action and mentoring) club has been spreading “potty post-its” around the bathrooms to enhance positivity.

The SLAM club has been around for two years and focuses on developing student leadership. The “potty post-its” are spread throughout the school in attempt to make someone’s day brighter. The club hopes to radiate more positivity, give everyone a voice and help recognize other clubs and groups.

It’s a normal routine for students to use the restroom, but now it is becoming a routine to grab a “potty post-it” and make a friend or stranger’s day while doing so. Sophomore SLAM members Maggie Green, Addison Pruitt and Morgan Zirnheld have picked back up on their club’s tradition to emphasize that people need to send happy messages to others.

The notes can be found in bathroom stalls and are left for students to grab one and pass it along. “I want this idea to become very well-known so that everyone in the school can get more involved and socialize with people they might not talk to everyday,” said Green. The notes have become so popular that the club members have to replace the stalls with new ones every day.

Aside from the “potty post-its”, SLAM also works inside and outside of school on projects and fundraisers to increase student involvement and leadership. Last year, the club organized a dodgeball event and helped plan homecoming ideas. This year, the club has hopes to increase their club members and bring notice to other clubs within the school.

SLAM teacher Maddie Mann has hopes of achieving new goals inside and outside of school. “I think that we will try to add more quotes, vinyls, and decorations along the school hallways to brighten up the school and make it more fun,” said Mann. Mann states that the school environment needs to focus on spreading kindness and ignoring negative energy.

To join the club, students must fill out an application and complete an interview. SLAM is looking for new members to help join and be a role model for all students. “I hope to enroll new members in the club by recommendations from teachers so that more students can have a voice,” said Mann. In the club, students work with one another to create ideas, build friendships and make a lasting impact during their school experience.