Cinderella at Bullitt East


Jaiden Hammack, Staff Writer

The prince is giving a ball at Bullitt East

The Prince Is Giving A Ball was the most popular song in “Carrie Gary’s play ‘Cinderella’ performed on April 25, April 26 and April 27.

The play was put together in only two months, the play was performed five times total in the gym. The audience was reactive to the play and showed appreciation to the cast. The play was an overall success with hundreds of people watching and little things to change.

The play was put together in less than two months, compared to the usual three months that it takes. “We chose roles in mid-March and performed it by the end of April,” said Gary. In the past years, roles are chosen mid-January and performed at the end of April. They practiced every other day in February and everyday halfway through March.

The play had a lot of singing and dancing. Actress Raegan Burkett said “my favorite part (of the play) was a dance called the gavotte because it was a lot of fun dancing to it. My favorite song to sing was “The Prince Is Giving A Ball”.

Students loved the play and had positive things to say about it. “I thought it was very well structured, creative and professional,” said Ella McMillan. Not many students had suggestions that could improve the play. “The only things I would change is maybe more props and guys. I saw there was a lot of girls who had to be guys during the dancing scene”. Those who contributed to the production, however, had their own set of complaints.

Gary thought the play was a “success” and would only want to change the location of the play. “I’d want to be in an auditorium instead of a gym; it has better technical elements,” said Gary. Many of the actors said they would just change the sound system because it messed up a few times.

The audience was very reactive during the play. “I think the audience’s favorite part was when Cinderella and the prince kissed,” said Burkett. During the second show on Friday, the audience yelled every time the prince and Cinderella kissed.

“I think Friday during the second show was their best performance, the audience was very reactive which feeds the actors and they do better,” said Gary. The audience liked the play more than Gary thought they would. Their reactions to the scenes proved that they were very invested in the musical, which is more than Gary had anticipated.

Actors in the play were also surprised by how much students liked the play and amount of people it attracted “I did not expect the audience to like it near as much as they did. The second showing had about 300 people, so it was bigger than I had expected,” said Burkett.

The play can be overall perceived as a success. Gary wants to organize another play next year, despite it being a tradition that plays be performed every two years. This is due to the fact that only four seniors are graduating, which leaves plenty of students to help out with production next year.