Winter Dance

Rebecca Watts, Staff Writer

Dance like nobody’s watching.

One of the most liked features of the dance was the choice of music.

Most of the songs were from rap artist with a little bit of trap remixes of classic Christmas songs. The music and the lights seemed to go perfectly hand in hand. When the time got closer to eleven, it seemed as though the dance would continue onto tomorrow.  

As the time hit eight, people were already outside waiting to get in. At first, the line seemed to never end. As you walk in, students were hit with a beautiful scene. There were two lines of lights on the ground lighting the pathway to a white background with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling with white and blue balloons on the floor. After people got their picture taken, they would walk into the gym where lights hung from the bleachers. if people became tired from dancing, they could go in the lobby where there were snacks like cookies, fruit, pretzels and vegetables.   

Walking around the dance, you could tell that everyone seemed to be having a great time laughing and dancing with their friends. The dj was blaring hits like “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 and even some old ones like “Kiss Me Through The Phone” by Soulja Boy.  The Christmas lights lining the gym on top of the lights on the stage by the dj really set the mood of the whole party. “The dance was fun, had great music and was just all around a great night.” said sophomore Emily Rodriguez

Underclassmen said they hope that this is not the last time that the school host a winter dance. Seniors who were there said they had wished that the school had done something like this before. All grades joined together Friday night and had an amazing night full of non-stop partying. “I think that the school should do this every year because it was just an overall good and fun night,” said Rodriguez

As the night went on, videos could be found all over Snapchat of people dancing and singing with their friends. A huddle was formed around one student as he showed off his sick moves. A true highlight of the night was seeing students from all grades coming together to have an overall fun filled night. “I thought it was really cool for the school to have a dance where all grades were allowed to attend,” said sophomore, Alyssa Robinson

All around the gym, you could find spots where people had taken off their heels.At all times, there was  a big crowd of people in the middle of the dance floor dancing to the beat of the music. “I had so much fun hanging around all my friends and dancing until my feet hurt,” said Rodriguez.

The winter dance gave students something to look forward to during the cold winter days. It also brought people from all grades together to have fun and meet new people. This was a first for the dance but it has many wishing that it is not the last. “It was nice being able to hangout with everyone no matter what their grade was,” said Robinson.