Recent Internet Trend Sparks Worry Due to Potential Dangers


Carrying on a conversation, sophomore Carly Wooten texting her number neighbor. The trend known as "number neighbor" was seen all over social media, compelling people to try it themselves. "I think the internet causes trends to start if there is one positive response then most people want to see how their number neighbor will react and how the experience will be for them," said Wooten.

Katey Goins, Staff Writer

Stranger danger? 

The trend known as “number neighbor”,  where someone texts the phone number that is identical to theirs except the last digit is off by one above or below, completely contradicts the motto of be careful who you talk to on the internet.

The number neighborhood trend started circling the internet about a month ago and ended up on the “Trending” page on Twitter. Some of those who were brave enough to contact their number neighbor were able to have a conversation, while some people waited and hoped that their “neighbor” to text them first. It was only about a week or so of this trend being popular that some started to grow concerned about the dangers of texting a completely stranger just for fun. 

A commonality that is seen through this trend is people hoping for a new friendship. However, not everyone was able to reach that connection with their neighbor for them to start regularly texting. “My number neighbor texted me first and the conversation went good but it seemed awkward because I didn’t know who I was talking to. They asked how school was going and if I lived in Bullitt County. We found out that we both go to Bullitt East but I still don’t know who it was,” said Carly Wooten, sophomore. 

Those who are adamant about the dangers of this trend are usually the ones who are less involved with social media. Francis Distefano, history teacher, has made it very clear that students should stay away from not just this trend, but trends that are similar. “It is completely stupid and dangerous. You’re playing with fire when you put yourself in a situation like that. You are putting yourself in a position for someone dangerous to know how to contact you and find you,” said Distefano. 

Those who don’t think that this trend is dangerous have taken “number neighbors” to another level. People have been creating what is called a “number neighborhood”. The “number neighborhood” is a group chat that usually includes everyone with the exact same phone number but the last digit includes every number 1-9. Twitter user @Kriiiiiiisten tweeted, “I got an automated text that was sent to 20 other people who have the same first six numbers in their phone number as mine, do I dare text it saying who needs a number neighbor when you have a whole number neighborhood.”