Brown Breaking Records For Girls Golf


Keelin Davis

Coach Larry Steinmetz watches as sophomore Macie Brown tees off. Brown’s improvement from last season has been large and has served as motivation for her all season. “It helps motivate me to continue working for the next two (years) to perform even better,” Brown said.

Keelin Davis, Website Editor

The road ahead is a bright one for the young golfer. 

Sophomore Macie Brown finished in third place in the girls golf state tournament Saturday, Oct. 10. 

Brown had a tough first day in the tournament but bounced back the second day. The improvement in her game since last season showed in her performance at state. Brown is the highest placing golfer in state out of boys and girls in school history. 

The first day of the girls golf state tournament was Friday, Oct. 9. After a tough stretch of holes towards the end of the first day, Brown finished with a score of (+5) over par 77. She quickly bounced back on the second day of the tournament and went on a consistent streak of birdies. Brown finished hole 18 on another birdie and finished with a final score of (-2) under par 70.

Brown knew that she had it in her to pull through and make a comeback on the second day. “Anything can happen on the second day. I knew that if I gave up I would have no chance so I just had to go out there and play my best because any of the people in the lead could have had a bad day,” Brown said. This mindset brought her back into the competition and is ultimately what led her to finish in third. 

Without the hard work and improvement from the preceding season, Brown could not have made it as far as she did. She made sure she pushed herself this year to make it to state and compete for the title. “Seeing my improvement from last year to this year helped me see how much my hard work has paid off already,” Brown said. After finishing last season on a high note, she hoped to do the same this year. 

With Brown’s third place finish in the state tournament, she set the record for highest finish for any golfer in history in the school. “My main goal was to finish first, but it still means a lot to make history at the school and I’m still proud of myself for it,” Brown said. She hopes to continue her hot streak into next season and make another run for state next year.