Homecoming Is a Highschool “Staple”

Kyla Combs, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a part of the “real high school experience.” It gives you an opportunity to make new friends, make unforgettable memories, reconnect with old friends and overall just have fun. But here at Bullitt East, we do not have a homecoming dance

 Many people consider homecoming a high school “staple.” It gives students an opportunity to do things they normally don’t get to do.  

Homecoming is an American tradition, we should be able to celebrate, just like many other schools do. Homecoming is always pictured in classic high school movies and many students want to have the experiences they see in these movies. 

It is upsetting to many students that we don’t get to have this experience that many other schools get to have. “I do think it is upsetting that many other schools around us are able to participate in a homecoming, and we aren’t,” junior Emily Haddaway said. Many students can agree with Haddaway.

Many students feel strongly that we should have a dance. Students look forward to getting to dress up and dance the night away with friends. Having a homecoming dance at our school would be such an amazing opportunity.

It may be difficult with COVID-19 still being around, but considering we do everything for homecoming such as spirit week and the homecoming game, we may as well have a dance.

Bullitt East SLAM has a lot to say about homecoming. “I know that my SLAM students have been asking about one for the past three or four years, so I know that it would be great if we could get approval for one,”  Teacher and SLAM advisor Madelyn Mann said.  

We have been asking to host one for several years. We were unable to get it approved this year because of COVID restrictions,” Mann said. As stated before, it may have been hard to form a dance this year with COVID-19 restrictions, so maybe we could have a different event instead of a homecoming dance this year.

“SLAM is currently brainstorming ideas to maybe have a winter formal, if we can find a way while still following COVID-19 restrictions,” Haddaway said.

Hopefully next year there will be a homecoming dance put in place here at Bullitt East. Not only is it so much fun but it also has great benefits. We can only hope that next year things will change and a homecoming dance can be put in place.