Class of 2023 Rings

Colton Harbolt, Design Editor

When the time comes to choose your junior ring, the myriad of options could be overwhelming. After the 2022 Junior Ring Ceremony, the class of 2023 has received their customized class rings which have been crafted to serve as a reminder of the time from their high school career.

Karley Dugas

“I put dandelions because my mom likes dandelions and I wanted to include a part of her in it. I also used my birthstone for the stone and just put my class and Bullitt East on the sides, “


Klaire Hourigan

“I wanted something subtle that I could wear more often than the other rings. Most people used their birthstones for the stone but I wanted something that represents the school so I chose red since it matches the school’s colors,”

Joshua Wood

” I did black because it is my favorite color, and I did dark green for the jewel because it was my favorite out of the options they had. Then there’s the east charger head on the side and on the other side is my sign, which is cancer, and I had my initials on the sides of the jewel,”

Bailee Higgins

“I wanted more of a simple class ring without looking like a class ring. I got red stone because the colors of Bullitt East are red, and I got our class on it. The only other thing that I put on there was the Bullitt East around the stone and I like the little diamonds because I

like glitter and bling,”

Natalie McGarry

“I didn’t want a traditional ring like everyone else because I knew I wouldn’t want to wear it but I still wanted a ring that could mean something to me and represent my high school experience. I just chose that ring that I liked off Etsy and that was cheap that could represent that for me,”