One Step at a Time


The Marching Band season is beginning. The rain and bad weather did not stop the team from practicing all they could. “It’s a lot of time, it’s a lot of time and effort,” Drum Major Brendan Zygmunt said. Photo credit: Trenton Bibee

Emily Richardson, Copy Editor

Headed in the right direction. 

The marching band season has started with more members than they’ve had in the last two years.

Band camp starts out the season each year, starting in July. Hours of learning, hard work and dedication takes place in a three week window. The members have high hopes for this season, especially because of the growth of the group. 

During the three weeks of band camp, the marchers are able to learn and grow together which allows them to bond. Over the course of the season, hours of practice time takes place and this allows the band to continue learning and cleaning the show to improve it. “I feel like it’s gonna go a lot smoother than the last few years,” senior mellophone player, Erica Keeling said. “There’s a lot of potential to achieve success with this group,” Keeling said. 

Along with Keeling, junior alto saxophone player, James Garvin agrees to this season’s potential success. “We have a lot of potential to have a really good season,” Garvin said. Since the band is marching about seventy people this year, the upperclassmen are excited to lead such a big group of people and leave a legacy for them. “I want to leave a mark for rookies and I want people in my class to leave a legacy for the new marchers to want to achieve,” Keeling said.  

Competitions are the main part of the season for marching band members. This is where the band gets to show what they’ve been working on since July and they have the chance to place competitions. The band has been getting ready for their first performance since July.  “It’s like a whole different group and I’m excited to see how we’re going to be,” Garvin said. 

The marching band performs at the first home football game tonight, and competes in their first competition on September 10th, at Columbus North High School.