Making Memories on the Court


Photo: Milana Ilickovic

Torrie Frist and Caroline Harbolt with their signature handshake.

The end is near.

The season is coming closer and closer to its end. Even though that is so, the girls are showing no sign of slowing down or being tired. They won a game against Washington county 3-0, and won another game against Atherton 3-0. 

The game against Washington County will stay in the memories of the team after a victory and a special day for Coach Wally Adams. The Atherton game came as another great triumph to add to the history of this season.

It was Coach Adam’s 50th birthday on Monday, and his special day was celebrated throughout the game. Cupcakes were a nice treat for everyone after the game, and the occasion was presented briefly before the varsity game began. As everyone sang happy birthday aside from the balloons by the bench, the energy of the game started off great. 

The national anthem was sung with confidence by varsity member Cara-Lynn McCord before the introduction of the players, adding to the heartwarming atmosphere of the game.

The game was a considerably easy win for the girls, and players like Hayla Puckett and Kayla Woodham shined. Many times in the game there were ties, but BE always took back their lead and pushed ahead. Set one ended with an impressive score of 25-7 East, followed by a 25-21 East win that wasn’t as easy. Luckily enough, the team has Katherine Cissell who came in handy this game. Set three was a very easy win, letting East go home with another 3-0 win to add to their record. 

The game against Atherton was yet another easily won game with players such as Caroline Harbolt and Cissell continuing to show their dominance. “I think we played fairly well,” Cissell said. The lady chargers came into the first match on fire winning 25-12, and dominance continued all through the second set as well which ended in a very impressive 25-9. Atherton pushed back in the third match, but BE came out on top with a score of 25-20 to add yet another 3-0 to their resume.  

The team has one home game left before the district tournament starts. BE hopes to continue their winning season all throughout the tournament in order to take home the championship. “We are all ready to play more games, especially the postseason. We have been working so hard to accomplish so much, we want to play more and more and keep coming back better and stronger as a team,” senior Torrie Frist said. The determination hasn’t faded. The girls keep persevering to reach satisfaction at the end of every game, even when it gets hard.