The Marching Band Reaches Victory Again


The marching band finishing out a performance.

Emily Richardson, Co-Photography Editor

Third Competition and Going Strong. 

The Bullitt East marching band just performed at their third football game and competition of the year. 

The marching band had a great run at the football game last Friday and earned first place in their class and third place overall last Saturday at their third competition, the Derby City Classic.

The marching band competed in their third competition hosted at Pleasure Ridge Park High School last Saturday and came home with first in their class and third overall. “I feel like we made excellent progress from the last competition,” senior saxophonist Aaron Ashford said. The marching band added around thirty seconds to their show since their last competition. 

The band got to the field a few minutes before they were supposed to go on and had to wait until it was the scheduled time for them to compete. “When we were standing there, there was announcements for the band students. There was one of them from North Bullitt telling us good luck which I thought was really sweet,” junior snare drummer Ellie Clemens said. The band got to bond with other band programs and watch other bands perform which is really beneficial so they can see how other groups perform. 

At the competition, Bullitt East was the only school competing in their class, AA. While this was an easy win, they still had a great run and did well in their competition against all of the other classes, placing third overall. They competed against eight other bands. 

The band will perform at their next competition at Bryan Station High School Oct. 2 at 2:15 pm.