The Bowling Team Stands Strong With a Big Win


Brodie Curtsinger

Senior Dylan Young bowling one of his many streaks, the night of Dec. 18. The bowling team played a match against Pleasure Ridge Park High School, at Dixie Bowl, and won with five out of the seven possible points. “I think it (the match) went pretty good, since we won; since we used to not be able to be as good as them, but I think it went pretty good,” said Young.

Brodie Curtsinger, Staff Writer

No matter how good Pleasure Ridge Park seems to be, it was no match for the bowlers of Bullitt East.

The bowling team faced off against Pleasure Ridge Park High School, one of the best bowling teams in the region, Wednesday, Dec. 18, and won the match. 

The bowling team won the match against PRP, with them winning five out of the seven possible points. All players, and Coach Lenny Raley, see this match as a success. The team plans to improve, and become even better, by practicing as much as they can.

PRP, or Pleasure Ridge Park High School, is seen as one of the best bowling teams inside of the region. “They are probably the third-best team in the region, so we wanted to make sure that we had a good showing, and we came out really strong with some really high scores,” said Raley. Senior Dylan Young scored an over 250 average throughout both of the separate games. 

Young placed first, with a 505, then came senior Logan Parrish, with a 456 and then sophomore Austin Hale, with a 431. Young believes that he was just the lucky one, to be able to get that number one spot. “Honestly, I guess it’s just whoever bowls the best, and who can keep it up. I guess I’m just that lucky person,” said Young.

Raley challenged the kids to just trying their best today, and they did, so it gave him confidence for the next time they face off against PRP. “I challenged our kids to just be ready to bowl their best today, and I think we had a really really good day. So, we’ve gotten better, we get better every week, and that’s what pleases me the most,” said Raley, “Anytime you win, it gives you confidence. We’ll go up against them in the regional matches. So, we’ll have confidence knowing that we beat them, the one time that we faced them.”

Young believes that this match was a big stone that they were able to overcome, with barely anybody winning against PRP, so far this season. “I do believe it was a success. This is probably a big stone for us since no ones hardly ever beat PRP. So, I think we did pretty good,” said Young. Young sees that match as a very big success for the team. 

Also, Young is very proud of the way the team played that match and the way the team has done throughout the whole season, so far. “I’m more than proud of our team. We push each other so much and we’ll just keep going, just keep going. Like Mr. Raley says, ‘You just got to keep moving the needle forward’,” said Young.

Now, Young is not the only person that sees this match as a success, Raley sees it as a very big accomplishment and a great success. “The score is pretty indicative of a good day. We beat them by 100 pins. Not that it was easy, but it was just a really solid effort, and I’m leaving here with a good feeling about it,” said Raley, “Everyone just had a good day, and I’m just really proud. The girls rolled better, even though we didn’t have a full girls team. Our unified bowlers, David and Zach, did a really good job. So, I’m just really pleased with what we’ve done today, but we’ll keep working into trying to improve as we go.”

Raley believes that if they stay consistent, and just keep on practicing, they could become even better when it comes to regionals. “We just got to continue to be consistent. My, if you want to call it, motto, is ‘every pin matters,’ or ‘every ball matters.’ You have a good one, you keep it up; if you had a bad one, you can forget it, and go to the next one. So, we’ll just keep practicing, and hopefully, the guys will come more and more consistent, as we go forward,” said Raley. 

Young agrees with Raley’s plan on practicing to get better, but he does believe that everybody truly did play their best. “Just keep practicing, and more practice man. I mean, that’s all it takes. You just got to keep practicing, to get better,” said Young, “I’m more than happy with the way we played. I pulled games like I haven’t in a while, and I’m just happy with that, and then, along with Logan, Austin, Adam, David and all the rest of us, just kept bowling pretty good, and kept it up,” said Young.

Check out the city tournament, Jan. 11, at 8 a.m., at an undecided location.