The Warriors Advance to the NBA Finals

CC:(Creative Commons)

CC:(Creative Commons)

Jaydrien Jarrett, Copy Editor

Chef Curry is cooking up the sauce going into the finals.

Stephen Curry helps lead the Warriors to their fourth straight NBA finals.

This is the Fourth year this super team have made it to the end. Much effort was put into this years run as a seven game series with the Houston Rockets held them back a little bit. Fans may be getting fed up of this team making the finals but they may just have to deal with it for a bit longer.

Year four in the finals brings a lot of experience to the table that can help them win another championship. The second year with Kevin Durant is sure to ease this chances of failure and further ensure a title win. The only problem they will have is their long-term rival the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Western Conference series against the Rockets was intense and brought a lot to the table. Some say that the only reason the Warriors are here is because of Chris Paul’s injury but the team of four all stars beg to differ. The Rockets can possibly compete with the Warriors next year again if things go as planned.

With four years of domination fans can get tired of the same old story. Fans are rooting for any team possible just to try and prevent the Warriors from making it four. This could cause complications for ratings in the NBA as some fans are refusing to watch for the fourth year in a row.